“This store is amazing and the owner, Marcia, is incredibly knowledgeable about women’s bodies.”

– Gaby R.

“Amazing bra assortment! Great service! I never thought I was wearing the wrong bra size until I had a bra fitting by Marcia, the store owner. She was very patient with me. I left the store really happy. High quality lingerie!”

– Andrea C.

“Undoubtedly my favorite place to buy lingerie, hands down. Marcia is amazing: patient, great at choosing styles that suit me, and focused completely on one customer at a time. European pricing, sure, but you get what you pay for.”

– MichLee A.

“I’ve always been a loyal customer of Victoria’s Secret until fell into the luxury lingerie “hole” and realized how I’ve NEVER been supported properly.  I went to Ela’s upon the recommendation of a friend and Yelp reviews.”

– Caroline P.


“Not only did I have no reason to go on to Nordstrom’s, I actually enjoyed(!) bra shopping for the first time in my life!”

– Laurel L.

“I was looking for an everyday bra that runs small in the band since I’m not a traditional size…and thankfully, the SA was very knowledgeable. She directed me towards Chantelle and Marie Jo brands, both of which are of high quality and superb construction. I ended up trying on three different styles and I walked away with one great fit.

“The prices are on par with other lingerie boutiques that sell high quality brands. I spent about $80, which is about mid-range of what they offer. I’m sure other styles may cost more or less, but for this level of service and product quality, it’s right on the money.”

– Jess W.

“I’ve been looking for a bra store ever since I moved to the SF Bay Area, and now I’ve found it!!! The woman who helped me was knowledgable and friendly. She measured me, then helped me go through an amazing assortment of bras, all the while complimenting me on my figure (*happy dance*). Now that’s service.”

– Susan P.

“This was THE best lingerie shopping experience I’ve ever had. The assistant did a fabulous job fitting me and educating me on how to shop for future bras, without coming off as intrusive or pedantic. The shop is in downtown Menlo Park but has a very private, respectful, and classy feel to it. And while the prices are high, the designers they carry are well worth the splurge.”

– Jennifer S.

“What a fun experience! Marcia quickly fit me and then disappeared for what seemed like only moments, returning with bras in a variety of styles, fabrics and price points.  She was wonderful at making sure the straps were adjusted correctly and that everything was where it should be.  She didn’t push the more expensive selections over the less expensive ones, and brought in additional models once she got an idea of what I liked.  I never knew that shopping for bras could be so pleasant!”

– Barb Z.

“There is only one place to buy bras, and it is ELA lingerie. I used to go to another store, before it changed owners and lost its way. But ELA is now the best place. Best selection, great service, especially from Marcia and Whitney. They do an excellent job at fittings. Yes, they are expensive, but in my opinion that is just a function of what good quality bras cost. I have brought my sisters there every time they are in town, and they say that they have never had a better fitting bra!”

– Holly T.