Why Ela?

These days one can find and buy just about anything online. Lingerie, however, is a special product. To work well and look beautiful it must be properly fitted to each unique body. Many if not most of our customers come to us for the first time with an improperly fitting bra. We ensure they don’t leave with one.

Few bodies are perfectly symmetrical, and while designers loosely adhere to a standard fitting system, each designs and cuts differently. Our bodies change from season to season, and year to year.

To further complicate matters, most bra lines come in multiple types, including full cup, full coverage, demi or ¾ cup, plunge, triangle, push-up or contour, and strapless, some of which lined and padded, others sheer.

At Ela we pride ourselves on our fitting expertise and spend months training new sales associates in both the science and art of fitting. Some fittings can be accomplished in 5 to 10 minutes. Others can last as long as an hour. Regardless of the time it takes, Ela fittings are always complementary, whether you end up buying from us or not.

We carefully curate our products for quality, value and fashion appeal, maintaining a much larger inventory than most stores our size (irritating our accountants). To achieve our in-store inventory we spend many hours inspecting the latest season’s samples, carefully inspect the construction and quality of materials, and carefully select the products as often as four times per year. Often we’ll order with specific customers in mind, which is possible because we take the time to get to know you!

Because we maintain such excellent relationships with our vendors, we’re able to locate items to match just about any taste. Many of our customers now take advantage of special ordering. We can often receive items within a week or two, even when shipped from our European vendors.

The result of our highly personalized approach to service is a greater proportion of highly satisfied customers. We measure our success by our customers’ satisfaction, and by the number of them who return year after year for their lingerie needs.